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Braeside Equestrian Center






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    Braeside equestrian centre was opened in August 2001. It was started with the view of developing young and old as riders and as outstanding horsemen. We run a relaxed down to earth yard and cater for all walks of life. Our students are all part of the team whether they compete or not. At Braeside, we can offer to more people the enjoyment of horseback riding without the initial investment of buying a horse.

    As a part of our goal for a safe environment, we look for horses that will provide quietness and safety to our riders. Our horses have experience in being able to work with novice riders. They range in sizes to fit each rider, from the small child to the large adult. When we purchase horses we keep in mind their size, soundness and temperament. Our horses and ponies are well fed, well looked after and well mannered.

    As a part of our riding lesson program, we will be hosting Horse Shows that will be patterned towards the level of our member riders. We will be monitoring our riders so that we can have the shows custom made for their level of experience and ability. Our equine teachers attend shows regularly in most of the disciplines.

    We have social gatherings on a regular basis so everyone has the opportunity of getting to know each other. We love for family and friends to gather together.